Preparing to be pierced

Before you come for your piercing at Time Bomb we will expect you to:

  • Bring valid photo identification
  • Be completely sober
  • Be clean and bathed
  • Have eaten within 4 hours
  • If you are getting a nipple piercing wear suitable, clean garments/bras
  • If possible, avoid Aspirin or other blood thinners
  • Have considered any potential health issues i.e.
    • individual who require antibiotics prior to dental work should see their doctor prior to being pierced

So, you have decided which piercing studio to visit? Great.
Now, firstly, it would be good idea to have a snack before – really, you don’t want to feel dizzy or weak, just in case, but on the other hand, surely a quick beer won’t hurt?. Yes it will. Don’t do it. No way.

Note on Alcohol: Even drinking a small amount of alcohol will start to thin your blood. Make sure you have had no alcohol before you come in, this includes being hung over! We will not pierce anyone who has either been drinking, under the influence of drugs or is hung over from the night before.