Welcome to Timebomb Piercing Croydon. The newest state-of-the-art piercing studio in South London.

Hey guys, just a quick note PHOTO ID must be shown for the person getting pierced and their guardian (if present) on all piercings.

We are at the forefront of modern sterilisation and sanitation protocols and our piercing studio provides a clean, safe and friendly environment which is fully licensed and approved by Croydon Council. Our staff are trained in multiple techniques and complex piercings and are there to provide expert advice on all aspects of body piercing, body jewellery and aftercare.

Piercing Croydon – Aftercare Included

Please note: All our piercing prices INCLUDE High-Grade Nickel-Free Titanium, Your after-care pack (including cleaning product & instructions), everything you need to have a happy, healthy piercing.

Where To Get a Piercing Croydon has so many studios, right?

Well yes, there are quite a few piercing croydon studios out there, but how can you tell which one is right for you? Always make sure the studio is Registered and Approved by Croydon Council, Also make sure the body piercer is fully qualified and has been piercing for at least a few years (although we recommend over 5 years experience). Ask to see their portfolio or check out their website if there are examples of their work. Plus, we believe when it comes to piercing Croydon has the best in the whole of the South East with Tiani, Titch, & Lottie – Come on in and have a chat!
Body Piercing Croydon dot com has some great advice for first timers who are worried about getting a piercing.

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