We are loving this hot weather – don’t often see much of it in the UK!
Tongue piercings however do not like it very much! Everyone knows that if you get your tongue pierced it swells up for a few days, but not many people realise that your tongue will swell naturally in hot weather anyway. So couple a new tongue piercing with hot weather and you may find you have twice the swelling. This slows down the healing process and can be extremely dangerous if it swells too much.
For this reason any reputable body piercer in the UK (who knows what they are doing) will refuse to do a tongue piercing if the temperature is or is going to be in the next week or so over 25 degrees C – so please do not think of getting a new tongue piercing this week. We have checked the weather and its going to be too hot (26 degrees today!)

The tongue works as the body’s thermostat, so in countries that are hot all year round, the tongue is used to the heat and is able to be pierced without a problem.

Here in the Uk we are not used to these kind of temperatures.
If you have a new tongue piercing stay out of the sun & stay as cool as possible to minimse the swelling. Have a slush puppie but don’t suck ice cubes as this is too harsh.
If in doubt come in to the shop and speak to Dougie.