Dermal Anchors and Implants – Just a craze?

The latest buzzwords in the body modification and piercing world are dermal anchors – a lot smaller than a transdermal implant, they are easily fitted, using a dermal punch.

Dermal Anchors

Dermal Anchors

Dermal anchors can be placed pretty much anywhere, unlike traditional “surface” piercings which do have certain limits. This can open a door to a totally new range of piercings – face, neck, head, chest, arms; all are possible and they are likely to settle much easier than existing methods of piercing.

You may ask “How does it feel?” Well the people that have had it say that there is very little discomfort – much like a normal piercing but with the added advantage that the needle, or punch, does not need to pierce right through the skin to the other side.

Because there is such little trauma to the tissue surrounding the dermal anchor, healing time tends to be quicker than surface piercings and possible rejection by the body is also cut down.

As this procedure is fairly new PLEASE NOTE: TIMEBOMB’S DOUGIE HAS BEEN PERFORMING DERMAL ANCHORS FOR OVER 14 YEARS (only a small number of UK body piercers use this method, although it is gaining in popularity as time goes by) it’s hard to get many figures, due to the small sample size. However, evidence does suggest that this should have an extremely high rate of success.

Dermal anchors are currently quite pricey due to the fact that they are made from implant grade titanium and the amount of labour for each one is more than a regular piercing. The price will no doubt drop as the years go by and they become more mainstream.

Many people are using gems in dermal anchors to set off tattoos – It looks AMAZING!


skin-diversSkin Divers are a new single point piercing that has a small flat disc sitting flush against the skin. Skin Divers come in various diameters and styles. They are very easy to put in and can be placed close together so you can make them into detailed patterns like stars and bracelets.

Dermal Anchors and Skin Divers are available at Timebomb Piercing Studio – Pop in and ask us if you have any questions:)