Couple Tattoos

Couple Tattoos: Inspiration and Advice (Part 2)

Hidden, Small, or Simple Couple Tattoos

Anytime we think of couples tattoos, we’re immediately faced with images like King and Queen crowns encircled by a bed of roses, or Mickey and Minnie blowing kisses at each other from their respective body parts…there are plenty of old school matching his and hers tattoos that make us giggle and gag at the same time. This does not have to be your fate.

To start off, yes, this is a big commitment. But you can lessen the pressure by putting your new ink somewhere hidden. There are places on the body that are great not only for first timers trying to tone down the glaring evidence of body modification, but for couples making their mark on each others skin. Spots like the ribs, ankle, hips, even the side of your foot; these can all be spaces that you may not immediately think of, but can work perfect for your piece. You can even let the area dictate the design…a foot tattoo can suddenly be super romantic, like “May I always walk by your side.” or “Walk with me through life.” Obviously…this doesn’t have to be the path you take, but just to give you an idea.

Getting a slightly hidden tattoo may make you feel a bit more secure…the same goes for getting a really small tattoo. It’s not just smart because it’ll make a cover up easier (if, indeed, this is what you’re worried about) but minimalism and tiny tattoos are actually really sweet, personal, and can be very meaningful. From feminine fineline tattoos to miniature sparrows in flight…or even your lovers handwriting or simple smiley faces. Just because they’re small or simple couple tattoos doesn’t mean they don’t pack a big punch to the proverbial heart. Don’t think that getting a matching love tattoo means that it has to take up your entire forearm…it is, ultimately, the thought that counts. So choose something you both love, maybe an image that represents an inside joke or a shared dream, and use it to create a couples tattoo, small but significant, that fits the both of you!