Couple Tattoos

Couple Tattoos: Inspiration and Advice (Part 1)

Perhaps the most explored subject on Valentines, couple tattoos can be romantic, but also…honestly, a bit scary. They are, for some of us, a precarious and delicate undertaking that should be thought of in depth. But, let’s face it, if someone within the couple-hood suggests the act of getting tattooed together, it’s sort of rude to shoot them down right?

Well, fear not. There are so many different ways to go about getting a piece with your lover. Your significant other never has to know about your trepidations and anxiety over the dreaded cover up act which, you may think, is unavoidable. Not only does this article hope to ease those apprehensions, we also aim to give you some good advice on building the best couple tattoo ideas for your personal relationship needs so that the future won’t look so marred with laser removal and embarrassment.

All joking aside, this should be a fun experience for all involved. It should be a time you enjoy each others company, and explore your more adventurous side. Getting a tattoo with your partner shouldn’t be scary, nor should it bring up more questions about the future than marriage might…These unique couple tattoos are perfect inspiration for those of you who are feeling cold feet, who think matching tattoos for couples are cheesy, or if you’re just unsure of how to show your love without being totally obnoxious about it. We get it: this piece shouldn’t be the end all be all of your illustrated body…but it still better be good.