Conch Piercings in Bournemouth

Conch Piercing Bournemouth

Looking for a unique and stylish ear piercing, Check out conch piercings in Bournemouth! These trendy ear piercings go through the cartilage in the middle of your ear, called the conch. The conch area is right above your earlobe and comes in two parts: the inner and outer conch. Conch piercings have become super popular because they offer a wide range of options to show off your individual style.


Types of Conch Piercings:

  1. Inner Conch Piercing: This one goes right through the center of the cartilage cup. You can rock various types of jewelry with it, like studs or hoops. It can be a bold statement or a delicate addition, depending on your vibe.
  2. Outer Conch Piercing in Bournemouth: This piercing is placed in the flat part of your ear cartilage near your ear canal. You can wear studs, hoops, or captive bead rings with it. It’s a cool way to showcase your unique style.

Jewellery Options:

  • Hoops: Go for seamless or hinged rings for a fashionable look. You can even flip them upward for an edgy twist. Hoops come in different sizes and materials to match your style.
  • Studs: Classic and versatile, studs come in materials like titanium, surgical steel, and gold. You can choose from various gemstones, shapes, and sizes to suit your taste.
  • Cuffs: These sit nicely on cartilage piercings and come in all sorts of designs and styles, making them a great choice once your piercing heals.

Outer Conch Ear Piercing

Where to Buy Jewellery: Always buy your jewellery from a trusted retailer to ensure quality and avoid potential problems. Drop by our studio and check out our range. Our team at Timebomb can help you pick the right jewellery for your conch piercing.

Getting a Hoop: You’ll need to start with a bar for your initial piercing and replace it with a hoop once it heals.

Does It Hurt? Expect a bit more discomfort compared to an earlobe piercing due to the cartilage. However, the anticipation is often worse than the actual piercing. Our pros can vouch that conch piercing pain is manageable, and you’ll have a fantastic new piercing to admire afterward.

Healing Time: Conch piercings take longer to heal than skin piercings and may swell a bit more. This is normal, and full healing usually takes six to nine months. Don’t rush to change your jewellery until it’s fully healed.


  • Clean your piercing twice daily with a saline solution or sea salt soak.
  • Shield your conch piercing from moisture, hair products, and makeup. No swimming in pools or hot tubs during healing. Sleep on the opposite side to avoid pressure.
  • Keep your hands off the piercing unless you’ve washed them thoroughly.
  • Dry your conch piercing with a clean paper towel.
  • Leave the original jewelry in until it heals.
  • Any piercing can be prone to infection, so follow these care tips. If you suspect an issue, consult your piercing professional.

Ready for a Conch Piercing Bournemouth or nearby and have questions about conch piercings or jewellery, come chat with us at Timebomb Piercing and Tattoo Studio. We’re here to help! Call us today!