Awesome people and very very clean: I love these people !! We have a young child and we like how they treat not just us but him!! I have had 1 piercing done there , and my husband has had 2 piercings done there. It is the only place I will ever go !!! Keep up the great work!!!!!

– Nicola Murray

I went to Timebomb to get my belly button pierced on my 18 birthday and then again a week ago to get my tragus pierced they were fantastic, they made me feel comfortable and took my nerves away. They are very professional and explain everything on how to take care of your piercings. I highly recommend them to first timers.

– Nikki Morgan

Time Bomb guys were very welcoming… The piercer was great!
Very knowledgeable and very comforting. Everything was clearly explained as the piercing took place. On the whole a very relaxing and pleasant experience; Great facilities, immaculate and professional. Recommended to anyone!!!!!

– Kev Miller

I did my piercing Monday 26th of October on my lip and have had piercings sens I was 13 but never had this good as this one, not swollen at all and no problems with it.
It healed after one day and the piercer was really nice with me as I’m terrified of needles (thank you big time) =)
So Thank you so much Time Bomb – I’ll be Back for more.

– Marjo Sihvola

I had my nipple pierced at time bomb, they were very clean and professional. I was given all the aftercare information needed, i’ll definately be getting spiked there again.

– Dave Brown.